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Volunteer in Bali Teaching Children at Programs By the Sea, Ubud Village, Special Needs and Program in the Hills

Volunteer in Bali is a genuine non-profit organization (Yayasan Widya Sari) run entirely by Balinese people for the unprivileged children of the Tianyar, Seraya, Ubud and Tabanan regions.

We have five volunteering programs located in different locations to select from: Program by the Sea is located in Tianyar and Seraya, traditional fishing villages in north-eastern Bali, Program Ubud Village is located in Ubud, Program Special Needs is located 5kms from Ubud and Program in the Hills is in the Tabanan region, West Bali, Indonesia.

Your time spent at in one of our four Volunteering programs will aid the children in their learning and confidence in areas such as English, Computers, Sport, Music and Arts. At our five programs you will always remain a precious member of our extended Balinese family.

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Volunteering in Bali Reviews

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Volunteer: Rhiannon from UK - 4 weeks volunteering

I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of my volunteering at the non-profit foundation. Teaching these beautifully talented and intelligent children, along side amazing volunteers and surrounded by the most caring, welcoming and hilarious staff. Bali as a whole feels this way, inviting and excited for people to immerse themselves in their culture. In my time we went to many local ceremonies, often watching our students perform which, makes you overwhelmingly proud, we also went to a students younger sisters 6 month ceremony which was a fantastic thing to be involved in, things like this give you the feeling you are a part of the family. Living only meters away from the family home and all eating meals together makes everything so comfortable and safe..... more on volunteering Bali review

volunteering in bali indonesia review

Volunteer: Months from Germany - 16 weeks volunteering

My volunteering experience at the not-for-profit foundation - Yayasan Widya Sari,
was filled with many beautiful moments, met wonderful people, collected one of a kind experiences, which changed me in such a positive way. At Bali Volunteer Program by the Sea, I actually spent one of the best times in my life.

I was overjoyed to have made this decision to spend 4 months here in Bali, Indonesia. I even extended my stay for one month because I just didn't want to leave Bail.
There is so much to discover in Bali, so much happiness, so much joy, so much harmony and love. I taught the preschool class, the A classes and all computer classes. The children that I taught were 8 - 15 years old. ......more on volunteering Bali review