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Program in the Hills Learning Center

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Free English classes are provided at the non-profit Learning Center as a way for underprivileged children from the region of Tabanan to learn English and maximize the possibility for future employment in this tourist-rich region of Bali. English is the international language, with this skill the child can communicate with their worldwide sponsors and with visitors from other countries that come to visit Bali, Indonesia. Furthermore, this will give them a step ahead in their future professional careers. Four levels of English are taught by international teachers volunteering their expertise and time. At present there are 60 children attending the Learning Center who range in age from 5 to 18 years. All teaching volunteers are provided with the teaching resources they will need while volunteering, but we also support volunteers to incorporate into the program music, drama, sport, yoga, dance, arts, craft and other activities.


Teaching Schedule Monday - Thursday

English classes are held between 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Age Group
English Level
Group A
5 - 8 years old
Classes are at a basic level as these children have just commenced learning english
Group B
8 - 10 years old
These students know basic english such as making simple sentences, numbers etc. Some students are also able to communicate in basic english.
Group C
10 -12 years old
The students can communicate in english however they require a greater knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.
Group D
13+ years old
These students are able to speak and write english at a higher level. They require assistance with grammar and vocabulary suited for their level of understanding.





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volunteering in bali teaching english children
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No Classes on Friday to Sunday

Volunteer teachers will have weekends available for personal time. If you choose to travel around our beautiful island during your free time, here are some resources that may help you plan: The Lonely Planet Bali and TripAdvistor Bali web sites are great sources of information on Bali.