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Teaching English at Program Ubud Village in Bali



Program Ubud Village Learning Center

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Program Ubud Village learning center is located in a traditional rural Balinese village just outside of the village of Ubud. Volunteers teach in a traditional classroom made from locally harvested bamboo and grass roofs. The tropical jungle setting surrounded by banana, coco, coffee, paw paw trees creates a refreshing and relaxing environment for learning to take place.


English Classes

Bali has become an international tourist destination with the ability to communicate in the English language an essential skill in acquiring employment for all locals. Having the knowledge and confidence to partake in conversational English with foreigners, the children will have the tools to better enhance theirs and their families future.

Do Volunteers Make a Difference?

Through the contact with native English speakers, our students confidence and communication skills are greatly improved.

As a senior high school English teacher, Novia has developed an English Curriculum over a period of 7 years with the support of International teachers from abroad.

The English Curriculum is taught at both Program by the Sea and her Program Ubud Village. It’s designed around communication skills through speaking and listening.

This has shown to build the students self confidence and instill in them the desire to further their studies.

The ability to communicate in English has became fundamental in the lives of the Balinese, where most of the economy in Bali, Indonesia is now largely dependant on international tourism.

Our volunteers co-teach with another volunteer or a local English teacher. We encourage volunteers to be fun and outgoing in their classes.

Developing the children's vocabulary is a central part of teaching the children.

Novia encourages her volunteers to incorporate singing, art, music, games and other activities to make the student’s learning experience as enjoyable as possible.





volunteer bali ubud village teaching english

Group B English Class


volunteer in ubud village teaching arts kids

Art Class



Afternoon Teaching Classes

There are 2 English classes held between 3:00pm - 4:10pm and 4:15pm - 5:30pm.

There are two classrooms are provided for teaching approx. 80 students, between the ages of 6 to 16 years old.


Students are placed into 4 English groups classes based: Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D.


  • Group A - students aged between 6-8 years old. Classes are at a basic level. The children have only just commenced learning english.


  • Group B - student ages are 9-11 years old with a basic English level. They can write simple sentences, numbers. There are some students that are able to communicate in basic English conversation.


  • Group C - students ages are 12 to 15yrs old and their English Level is to communicate in basic english but they require a greater knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.


  • Group D - students ages are 15yrs +, their English Level is able to communicate in basic english but they require a greater knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.


During these classes you can incorporate other activities like arts, craft, music, song, sport to make your classes more fun and enjoyable for the students.

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Volunteer Bianca during her Group A English Class




volunteer programs ubud village bali indonesia

Novia with her volunteers, Mega and students


Each teaching day (Monday to Thursday), our driver will pickup our volunteers from their home stay in Ubud at 2:00pm and return at about 6:00pm. The 15 mins drive goes through beautiful traditional rural villages around Ubud on their way to the learning center.


bali volunteering ubud village program indonesia

We have 2 traditional Balinese village classrooms where classes are taught


During your free days which are Fridays to Sunday, we encourage our volunteers to discover amazing Bali and the other islands close by.